Table 2

 Estimated ranges for selected indicators by region based on best available data (1990–2004, unless otherwise indicated)

Male-to-male sex prevalence, lifetime (range)Male-to-male sex prevalence, last year (range)High risk male-male sex (proportion of MSM last year) (range)High risk male-male sex (estimated proportion of all men)Reference(s)
*ND, no data.
    East Asia (China)4%ND49%ND (less than 1.4–2.8%)14–16
    South Asia6–8%7–8%85-86%3.5–7.2%2, 15, 17–26
    South East Asia7–12%4%46–50%1.2–3.3%15, 27–34
English speaking Caribbean1–3%NDNDND35, 36
E Europe/Central Asia6–27%ND45–52%1–5.5%15, 37–43
Latin America (including Dominican Republic)2–25%1–8%34–80%0.8–4.8%15, 44–65
Middle East/North AfricaNDNDNDND15