Table 1

 Behavioural characteristics and social status of individuals included in the study

Sexual behaviour (% of subjects)Women(n = 921)Men(n = 731)
STD, sexually transmitted disease.
Age at first intercourse
Had intercourse during the past 6 months9492
>3 partners in a lifetime64.766.7
>3 partners in the past year1212.6
In a steady relationship*6964.1
Previously tested positive for C trachomatis infection†12.97.1
Previously diagnosed with an STD, including C trachomatis infection†29.520.7
Reported urogenital complaints†48.45.3
Partner known to have urogenital complaints†34.546.2
Use of oral contraception†6048.9
Use of condom during most recent intercourse26.631
Social status†57.852.1
Currently in school3241.2
Unemployed or not working for other reasons (eg, disabled)39.527.9
Living with a partner†