Table 2

C trachomatis tests performed on the urine sample of the proband

Test manufacturer or developerTest nameTest targetResult
CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; HPA, Health Protection Agency; LSHTM, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
Commercial tests
BD BiosciencesProbeTec ETPlasmid
RocheAmplicor CT/NG PCRPlasmid
ArtusRealArt CT PCR omp1 +
GenProbeAptima Combo 216S ribosomal RNA+
University of CambridgeChlamydia Rapid TestLipopolysaccharide+
Research tests
CDC and HPAReal time PCR12Plasmid
University of SouthamptonTaqman PCR10Plasmid
University of SouthamptonTaqman PCR10 omcB +
LSHTMomp1 PCR13 omp1 +