Table 1 Patterns of testing for C trachomatis in MSM in 106 UK genitourinary medicine clinics
Urethral (%)Pharyngeal (%)Rectal (%)
Any testing106 (100)38 (36)91 (86)
Screening*105 (99)24 (23)61 (58)
Initial screen and diagnostic3 (3)2 (2)
Diagnostic only†5 (5)17 (16)
Contacts‡1 (1)4 (4)5 (5)
Diagnostic and contacts6 (6)
Risk group§2 (2)
  • *Test available for all men who have sex with men (MSM) at first visit and any new episode of care.

  • †Test only available for men with symptoms (eg proctitis, pharyngitis) or with gonorrhoea at that site.

  • ‡Test available for men who were contacts of non-specific urethritis or non-specific proctitis.

  • §One clinic only tested male sex workers for pharyngeal C trachomatis; another only tested men who reported sexual assault.