Table 1

 Recruitment site, demographics and sexual history at enrolment

Home group (n = 313)Clinic group (n = 313)Total (n = 626)
IQR, interquartile range; STI, sexually transmitted infection.
Unless otherwise indicated, values are percentages.
*Women in this category are also counted above by the individual types of contraception used.
†Among women who reported having a sex partner in the last 6 months.
Recruitment site
    Uluntu clinic50.248.649.4
    Nyanga clinic36.736.136.4
Median age (IQR)20.0 (17.5–22)20.0 (17–22)20.0 (17–22)
Median years of education (IQR)11.0 (10–12)11.0 (10–12)11.0 (10–12)
Attended university or technikon15.718.817.3
Ever sex91.491.191.2
Ever pregnant22.420.521.4
Currently pregnant1.01.31.1
Current contraception79.977.078.4
Type of contraception (n = 491)
    Male condoms12.814.113.4
    Female condoms0.80.40.6
    Other (“petogen”)
    Dual method (condom plus)*
Median age at first sex (IQR)16.0 (16–18)16.0 (15–18)16.0 (15–18)
Median No lifetime sex partners (IQR)2.0 (1–3)2.0 (1–3)2.0 (1–3)
No of sex partners last 6 months
Used condom last sex act (n = 521)†46.450.448.4
Partner has other partners (n = 527)†20.122.421.3
    Don’t know45.550.247.8
Ever treated for an STI18.820.119.5
Worried about STIs
    Not at all12.813.413.1
    A little24.324.324.3
    Very worried56.953.755.3
Ever used tampons23.627.825.7
Ever used home pregnancy test7.111.59.3