Table 1 HIV/AIDS indicator trends among MSM, San Francisco, 1998–2007
SourceIndicator1998199920002001200220032004200520062007p Level
AHPHIV incidence (STARHS), % per year1.
STIHIV incidence (STARHS), % per year4.
HARSNew HIV diagnoses*, N426533590454396na†
HARSDeaths among MSM with HIV/AIDS, N228228175153na†
HARSMSM living with AIDS, N6433661367626906705772607415753577057809na†
HARSMSM living with HIV non-AIDS, N467348605110523752905392na†
HARSART use, % of MSM with AIDS88899090909191919089na†
HARSNew STI diagnoses, MSM with AIDS164175278295316324328na†
STIMale rectal gonorrhoea271278367406542517600694827690na†
STIPrimary and secondary syphilis in MSM62547140330373360232244195na†
SAPAny UAI in MSM, %31323638333935394446<0.001
SAPUAI with unknown serostatus partner, HIV+, %222526312828210.48
SAPPotentially discordant UAI, HIV+, %2628320.12
SAPUAI with unknown serostatus partner, HIV−, %1215172016840.001
SAPPotentially discordant UAI, HIV−, %813180.001
SAPPotentially discordant insertive UAI, HIV+, %1113170.06
SAPPotentially discordant receptive UAI, HIV−, %4770.07
AHPAny insertive UAI, %414146424448<0.001
AHPAny receptive UAI, %333336343538<0.001
AHPInsertive UAI with known HIV+, %8688880.69
AHPReceptive UAI with known HIV+, %5344550.12
STIAny insertive UAI, %4648464547500.03
STIAny receptive UAI, %3838363337400.15
STIInsertive UAI with known HIV+, %11121357100.20
STIReceptive UAI with known HIV+, %53446100.06
  • *Controlling for reporting delay of one year; †Test for trend not applicable for counts of all reported cases. 1996–9 includes all people living with AIDS; 2000–6, men who have sex with men (MSM) only. AHP, AIDS Health Project (anonymous HIV testing sites); ART, antiretroviral therapy; HARS, HIV/AIDS case registry; SAP, the STOP AIDS Project; STARHS, serological testing algorithm for recent HIV seroconversion; STI, municipal sexually transmitted infection clinic; UAI, unprotected anal intercourse.