Table 3

 Experience of general practice before going to the study GUM clinic, by gender

MenWomenp Value for gender difference
*Denominator is those respondents with evidence of using (or trying to use general practice) before going to the study GUM clinic.
†Denominator is those reporting to have seen at least one health professional in general practice.
Went to general practice in person70.8%66.7%p = 0.041
Saw health professional(s) in general practice66.3%62.0%p = 0.226
Health professional seen in general practice:p = 0.035
    Doctor and nurse14.3%15.7%
    None reported (but reported being prescribed treatment)18.5%20.4%
General practice’s management of patient:p = 0.115
    Prescribed treatment65.5%57.8%
    Advised to go to a GUM clinic3.4%8.2%
    Prescribed treatment and advised to go to a GUM clinic22.8%23.9%
    Neither outcomes reported8.2%10.1%