Table 3

 A priori plausible bounds for sexual behaviour and sexually transmitted infection (STI) treatment characteristics of simulated populations and plausible ranges for model outputs

Cot, Cotonou; CSW, commercial sex worker; F, female; Kis, Kisumu; M, male; Nd, Ndola; Ya, Yaoundé.
*The partner change rate factor denotes how much higher or lower the partner change rate should be for each site compared with Cotonou.
    Sexual debut
        Age (years)18 M, 18 F17M, 17 F17M, 15F17M, 15F
        Range±3 years M±3 years M±3 years M±3 years M
±4 years F±4 years F±4 years F±4 years F
        V other sites> all< Cot, >Kis, Nd<Cot, Ya,  = Nd<Cot, Ya,  = Nd
    Partner change rate
        Change in sexual behaviour
        over timeNoNoNoNo
        Condom use in non-marital10–20% in early10–20% in early10–30% in early10–30% in early
    CSW characteristics
        Start age minimum (years)17171717
        Start age maximum (years)30303030
        Minimum duration career (years)1111
        Clients/weekHighest< CotonouLowest< Cotonou
        No. of CSW visited/clientHighest⩽ Cotonou< Cotonou< Cotonou
        Condom use⩾50% 1997< Cotonou⩽ Cotonou =  Yaoundé
        STI treatmentHighest<< Cotonou< Cotonou<< Cotonou
Plausible ranges for model outputs
    Marriage (%)41 M, 55 F35 M, 44 F53 M, 63 F51 M, 57 F
        Range37–45 M32–40 M48–58 M46–56 M
49–61 F40–48 F58–69 F51–63 F
    Distribution of non-marital partners
    in past year for males (%)
        % M that visit CSW12–30%⩾ Cotonou< Cotonou⩾ Cotonou
        % CSW∼1%> Cotonou>> Cotonou>> Cotonou
        HIV %+ among CSW40–60%34–50%70–80%70–80%