Table 2

 Model costs (2006 US$)

Resources usedBase-case valueLower and upper boundsUnitSource
*Modelled costs for the syndromic management strategy and the POC-test strategy.
†Modelled additional costs for the POC-test strategy.
A, data from the original study among antenatal care attendees in Botswana; C, cost; POC, point-of-care.
Personnel costs
    Pharmacy technician4.952.48–7.43$/hRef w6, w7
    Lay worker1.980.99–2.97$/hRef w6, w7
    Dispensing (3 min×Cpharmacy technician)0.250.12–0.37$/episodeA
    Testing (5 min×Clay worker)0.170.08–0.25$/episodeA
Unit costs
    Erythromycin1.490.37–6.60$/drug regimenRef w8, w9
    Azithromycin0.740.43–1.65$/drug regimenRef w9
    Doxycycline0.250.11–1.56$/drug regimenRef w8, w9
    POC test0.850.50–4.00$/testRef 7, 18
Treatment (cost of drug+cost of dispensing)*
    Erythromycin treatment1.740.49–6.97$/episode
    Azithromycin treatment0.980.55–2.02$/episode
    Doxycycline treatment0.500.23–1.93$/episode
Testing with POC test (cost of test+cost of testing)†1.020.58–4.25$/episode