Table 4

 Number of female and male cases cured, number of patients overtreated, total costs, drug costs* and costs of drug wastage†: testing all women with a 50% or 75% sensitive point-of-care (POC) test compared with syndromic approach in a population of 100 000 antenatal care attendees‡

StrategyCases cured (n)Over-treatment (n)Cost (US$)Drug costs (US$)Drug wastage
(US$)% of drug costs% of total costs
*Azithromycin treatment of pregnant women, doxycycline treatment of partners.
†Cost of drug wastage = monetary cost of treating uninfected antenatal care attendees or uninfected partners.
‡Assuming a C trachomatis prevalence of 7.5% in the general population.
Syndromic approach150029 90031 40031 40028 20090%90%
Using POC tests (50% sensitivity)24001800106 8005300150029%1%
Using POC tests (75% sensitivity)35001900108 8007200160022%1%