Table 5

 Expected number of antenatal care attendees and their partners diagnosed, treated* and cured: testing all women with a 50% or 75% sensitive point-of-care test compared with syndromic approach in a population of 100 000 antenatal care attendees†

StrategyWomen diagnosed as having chlamydia (n)Women prescribed treatment (n)Women initially cured (n)Women re-infectedWomen cured (n)Partners notified and attended (n)Partners treated (n)Partners cured (n)
♀ TP♀ FP♀ TP♀ FP
True posFalse posTrue posFalse posn%♂ CT+♂ CT–♂ CT–♂ CT+♂ CT–♂ CT–
*Azithromycin treatment to pregnant women, doxycycline treatment to partners.
†Assuming a C trachomatis prevalence of 7.5% in the general population.
♀, pregnant woman; ♂, male partner; CT+, C trachomatis infected; CT–, C trachomatis uninfected; FP, false positive; POC, using point-of-care tests; SA, syndromic approach; TP, true positive.
Syndromic approach368032 380312027 52029701720581240250622750210502340140
POC (50% sensitivity)375013903490129033101620491700750190350700170320570
POC (75% sensitivity)56301390523012904970243049254011302803501050260320850