Table 6

 Sensitivity analysis: cost per additional case cured with a POC test compared with syndromic approach under different assumptions about model parameters*

VariableParameter rangeCost (US$) per additional case cured with POC-test strategy†
Lower boundUpper boundLower boundUpper bound
*Chlamydia management of all antenatal care attendees. First-line treatment regimens: azithromycin to pregnant women, doxycycline to males.
†Base-case results: The syndromic approach costs $21.00 per case cured; using POC tests costs $30.90 per case cured, and the incremental cost of testing all women with a POC test is $38.10 per additional case cured.
Probabilities common for both strategies
    Chlamydia trachomatis prevalence0.030.3191.8011.00
    Chlamydia trachomatis transmission probability0.500.9641.5035.40
    Compliance to azithromycin and drug effectiveness0.881.0040.9036.40
    Infected male with symptomatic infection0.100.2037.9038.40
    Symptomatic male seeking care independently0.300.7037.8038.40
    Symptomatic male cured independently0.300.7037.8038.40
Probabilities in the syndromic approach strategy
    Syndromic approach sensitivity0.360.6232.4046.50
    Syndromic approach specificity0.610.6936.5039.70
    Prescription of treatment to test positive attendee0.790.9037.3038.90
    Male partner notified and attends clinic0.060.1137.0039.30
    Prescription of treatment to attending partner0.761.0036.140.70
    Male compliant to doxycycline and drug effectiveness0.601.0037.2039.10
Probabilities in the point-of-care strategy
    Point-of-care test sensitivity0.500.8586.8031.30
    Point-of-care test specificity0.971.0038.8037.40
    Prescription of treatment to test positive attendee0.851.0044.0034.20
    Male partner notified and attends clinic0.090.6569.9018.10
    Prescription of treatment to attending partner0.851.0038.9037.70
    Male compliant to doxycycline and drug effectiveness0.801.0041.6035.20
Costs ($/unit)
    Cost of point-of-care test0.504.0020.90193.40
    Cost of treatment with azithromycin0.431.6541.8027.30
    Cost of treatment with doxycycline0.111.5637.5038.20
    Cost of testing0.080.2534.0042.20
    Cost of dispensing0.120.3739.7036.60