Table 2

 Cruising on the internet and in traditional gay venues of MSM recruited online in China, 2006

Variables*N (%)
*A total of 2469 subjects were studied. The number of respondents answering each question varied.
Visiting gay websites before2410 (97.7)
Purposes of using gay websites
    Just looking/surfing1266 (54.7)
    Meet men for casual sex1194 (51.6)
    Meet men for a possible stable relationship1036 (44.7)
    Looking for health information787 (34.0)
    Online sex (cyber-sex)365 (15.8)
    Meet with friends regularly205 (8.9)
    Other purposes201 (8.7)
Accessing gay websites
    At home1196 (50.9)
    Internet café907 (38.6)
    At work181 (7.7)
    Others66 (2.8)
Frequency of visiting gay websites
    Everyday590 (25.3)
    Several times a week1055 (45.2)
    Once a week268 (11.5)
    Less than once a week421 (18.1)
Seeking sex on the internet ever2063 (86.1)
Reasons for using gay websites to look for sexual partners
    An easy and convenient way to cruise1261 (61.1)
    Good way to know more people908 (44.0)
    Tired of traditional gay venues (bars, public bathhouses, etc)799 (38.7)
    Good and easy to find more sexual partners520 (25.2)
    A safe way to cruise303 (14.7)
    Friends were doing/talking about it183 (8.9)
No. of sexual partners met through the internet in the past 6 months
    0231 (13.3)
    1371 (21.4)
    2–5762 (43.9)
    ⩾6370 (21.4)
Visiting traditional gay venues1162 (47.5)
Frequency of visiting traditional gay venues
    More than once a week141 (12.5)
    Less than once a week111 (9.8)
    Less than once a month877 (77.7)
Seeking sex in traditional gay venues486 (42.3)
No. of sexual partners met in traditional gay venues in the past 6 months
    0113 (26.7)
    198 (23.1)
    2–5147 (34.7)
    ⩾666 (15.6)