Table 1 Estimated overall effectiveness of syndromic treatment services
No. of residents, 15–49 yProportion of survey population reporting syndrome in past year, 15–49 yNo. of residents reporting syndrome in past year, 15–49 yProportion of survey population who sought treatment at clinics, %No. of residents seeking treatment at clinicsSyndrome aetiologyProportion of clinic patients with aetiologyProportion of clinic patients with curable aetiologyNo. of symptomatic curable STIs in residentsNo. of symptomatic curable STIs seen at clinicsCorrect treatment, %*Proportion cured, %No. of symptomatic curable episodes due to this aetiology, cured, %
SyndromeGenderabc = a*bde = c*dfgh = c*gi = e*gjkl = i*j*km = l/h
GDSM12 2506.8%837.855.9469NG0.590.59498.1278.727.410076.415.2 (10.2, 21.2)
CT0.070.0756.631.727.4837.212.3 (7.8, 17.9)
F16 17414.9%2417.657.11380NG0.120.12300.4171.627.410047.015.5 (10.6, 21.2)
CT0.110.11255.0145.627.48734.713.4 (9.0, 18.5)
TV0.290.29709.2404.927.48796.513.6 (9.3, 18.6)
All curable GDS14.3 (9.8, 19.5)
GUDM12 2504.3%526.653.2280TP0.160.1686.646.027.48911.212.5 (7.6, 18.9)
HD0.110.1157.730.727.4937.813.1 (8.1, 19.6)
CT (LGV)0.080.0844.523.727.4936.013.0 (8.0, 19.6)
F16 1749.8%1591.836.3577TP0.090.09138.950.427.48912.38.6 (5.6, 12.4)
HD0.060.0696.134.927.4938.99.0 (5.9, 12.8)
CT (LGV)0.170.17277.8100.727.49325.79.0 (5.9, 12.8)
All curable GUD9.9 (6.6, 14.0)
Overall2521.01318.913.1 (8.9, 17.8)
  • *Median (and 95% CI if applicable) calculated using Monte-Carlo sampling, see methods; †included other known and unknown aetiologies.

  • CT, Chlamydia trachomatis; F, female; GDS, genital discharge syndrome; GUD, genital ulcer disease; HD, Haemophilus ducreyi; HSV-2, herpes simplex virus type 2; LGV, Lympho-granuloma venereum; M, male; NG, Neisseria gonorrhoeae; TP, Treponema pallidum; TV, Trichomonas vaginalis; y, years.