Table 2 Medical management of genital herpes by patient characteristics (%)
Medical management of genital herpesPatient characteristics
Years since diagnosisp ValueOutbreaks past 12 monthsp Value
0–1(n = 40)2–4(n = 50)5–10(n = 100)11+(n = 209)0(n = 138)1–2(n = 142)3–5(n = 77)6+(n = 43)
Current use of anti-viral therapy (%)
    Episodic therapy182022194233040<0.001
    Suppressive therapy816117481616
    Not taking prescription drugs7564677591705544
Ever discussed option of prescription suppressive therapy with a GP/family doctor (%)
    Don’t know4524232
  • Differences across years since diagnosis and outbreaks tested using χ2 test.