Table 1 Numbers of chlamydia swabs taken*, chlamydia diagnoses† and gonorrhoea diagnoses‡ made at different sites in City and Hackney, from 2002 to 2004, with proportions of total in brackets§
No of chlamydia swabs
    Total no at all sites19 99522 89323 425
    GUM clinic9486 (47%)11 330 (49%)12 811 (55%)
    All GPs3073 (15%)3768 (16%)4166 (18%)
No of chlamydia diagnoses
    Total no at all sites169517131702
    GUM clinic1174 (69%)1286 (75%)1384 (81%)
    Local enhanced service GPs154 (9%)147 (9%)142 (8%)
    Non-local enhanced service GPsDiagnoses12 (<1%)4 (<1%)6 (<1%)
    No of gonorrhoea diagnoses
    Total no at all sites741623610
    GUM clinic663 (89%)554 (89%)555 (91%)
    Local enhanced service GPs19 (3%)15 (2%)20 (3%)
    Non-local enhanced service GPs000
  • GP, General practitioner; GUM, genitourinary medicine.

  • *The number of chlamydia swabs taken is a proxy measure for the number of individuals tested for a sexually transmitted infection. One chlamydia specimen is taken from each individual being tested unlike multiple gonorrhoea specimens taken from different sites and gonorrhoea tests of cure. Therefore, the number of gonorrhoea swabs taken is not included here. †C trachomatis was identified using a nucleic acid amplification technique (COBAS Amplicor, Roche Diagnostics, Branchburg, New Jersey, USA). ‡N gonorrhoea was identified by culture of cervical, urethral, pharyngeal or rectal specimens. §The local enhanced service covers City and Hackney Primary Care Trust residents only, whereas the GUM clinic draws from wider populations so the two populations are not directly comparable. ¶Each year runs from April to the end of March.