Table 1

 Sensitivity analysis of population attributable fraction in 1998 to assumptions regarding the herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) cofactor on HIV: (a) primary versus recurrent ulcers; (b) susceptibility versus infectivity; (c) absence versus presence of cofactor on HIV during HSV-2 subclinical periods

Proportion of new HIV infections in the population attributable to HSV-2 (PAFM)
Default PAFM due to HSV-2 (%)PAFM due to primary HSV-2 only (%)PAFM due to recurrent HSV-2 only (%)PAFM due to HSV-2 cofactors on HIV susceptibility only(%)PAFM due to HSV-2 cofactors on HIV infectivity only (%)PAFM due to default HSV-2 cofactors on HIV with the addition of the following cofactors assumed during periods between ulcerative episodes in early latent and latent stages of HSV-2
Effect on HIV susceptibility onlyEffect on HIV susceptibility and infectivity
Cofactor of 2Cofactor of 5Cofactor of 2Cofactor of 5
M, male; F, female.
    M 15–4937.
    F 15–4937.75.826.89.023.842.449.844.454.3
    M and F 15–4937.56.526.98.824.840.148.442.254.1
    M 15–4935.17.326.39.124.435.643.635.449.8
    F 15–4937.06.926.58.822.539.847.142.252.2
    M and F 15–4936.
    M 15–4952.
    F 15–4944.910.631.79.825.946.253.949.357.1
    M and F 15–4947.911.236.09.731.850.357.653.462.7
    M 15–4939.76.729.29.027.743.853.046.161.0
    F 15–4936.
    M and F 15–4937.56.327.88.824.841.751.843.758.1