Table 1

 Risk of developing complications following acute chlamydial infection

ComplicationProbability (sample size)Probability applied to:Distribution typeReference
PID, pelvic inflammatory disease, EP, ectopic pregnancy. *All screening strategies were run with all three probabilities. †Based on the number of women trying to conceive, after a laparoscopically diagnosed PID case, the total denotes the total number followed up. ‡The total is the number of infants exposed at birth.
Symptomatic PID (women)1%, 10%, 30%Asymptomatic chlamydial infectionScenario analysis*Assumption
Ectopic pregnancy (women)7.6% (1309)†Symptomatic PIDBetaWeström et al9
Tubal factor infertility (women)10.8% (1309)†Symptomatic PID (exclude those with EP)BetaWeström et al9
Neonatal conjunctivitis14.8% (1055)‡Infected women giving birth vaginallyBetaRosenman et al18
Neonatal pneumonia7.0% (597)‡Infected women giving birth vaginallyBetaRosenman et al18
Epididymitis (men)2%Asymptomatic chlamydial infectionFixedAssumption based on work by Welte et al19,20