Table 1 Sociodemographic characteristics, sexual and HIV testing histories of the INSIGHT case-control study participants
Cases n = 75Controls n = 157
Categorical variables%%
Country of birth
    Outside UK3539
Education: years since aged 16
    Left school with no qualifications1912
    Up to 2 years2317
    More than 3 years5565
    Educated to degree level4754
    Employed (full or part time)7777
    Describes themselves as gay7776
    Completely or open to most about sexuality9185
Continuous variablesmeanrangemeanrange
Age at second last HIV test34.318–5634.219–66
Months between last 2 HIV tests10.63–2410.53–24
Age at last HIV test35.220–5835.120–66
Sexual and HIV testing history
    Years since first anal sex161–40141–48
    Years since first visit to STI clinic100–3890–37
    Years since first ever HIV test70–2170–21
    Lifetime number of HIV tests62–2072–55
  • STI, sexually transmitted infections.