Table 2 Phase 3 interviews: perceptions of receiving and delivering patient-delivered partner therapy
Yes n (%)No n (%)It depends n (%)Don’t know n (%)
Receiving medication
Q1: Would you take this medicine?24 (88.9)3 (11.1)
    Illustrative quotes:
    Yes, if it is recommended by doctors and nurses it is OK.
    Yes, if it is going to help cure it. If you are going to be sexually active with people you shouldn’t walk around with an STD.
    No, I would want to get checked first.
Q2: Is it OK for a sex partner to give you prescription medicine for an STD?17 (63.0)9 (33.3)1 (3.7)
    Illustrative quotes:
    Is it legal? That is going to be my first question.
    Yes, as long as it is labelled and says what it is.
    No, because it might not be right for my body. The doctor should give it.
Q3: Would you trust your sex partner giving you medicine?9 (33.3)17 (55.6)1 (3.7)
    Illustrative quotes:
    No… once you find out that your partner has an STD, the trust factor is gone. I wouldn’t trust him to give me medicine.
    No, I want to know exactly what I am taking.
    It depends on the situation.
Delivering medication
Q4: Would you take medicine to a partner if you were in this situation?13 (48.1)13 (48.1)1 (3.7)
    Illustrative quotes:
    Yes, it is a cure. It’s free. If there was a chance they had it.
    It depends on how long I had been with that partner.
    No, I would want them to get tested to make sure they need the medicine.
Q5: If your partner didn’t take the medication would you have sex with them?2 (7.4)25 (92.6)
    Illustrative quotes:
    No, I don’t want to be re-infected.
    No, because they can give me chlamydia again. And, I feel like if they were really in love with you, they would do it to help themselves.
    No, because if I am infected then they probably are too and what is the point of taking the medicine only to get re-infected.
Q6: If you had sex with more than one person, would you give medicine to everyone you had sex with?16 (59.3)11 (40.9)
    Illustrative quotes:
    No, it is better to send them to the clinic.
    Yes, if I had enough.
    No, I want them to get tested before they take any medications.
Q7: If you decided not to tell your sex partner that you had an STD, would you have someone else tell them for you?12 (44.4)15 (51.9)
    Illustrative quotes:
    No, I would have to do it.
    Yes, a friend, close friend or brother or sister.
    Yes, a physician.