Table 1 Estimated population size and HIV prevalence rates among populations at higher and lower risk, Ukraine, end of 2007
Population groupsPopulation size estimateHIV prevalence estimate
Low estimateHigh estimateLowHigh
Populations at higher risk:
    IDUs325 000425 00017.30%70.00%
    MSM177 000430 0004.00%23.00%
    SWs (female)110 000250 0008.00%30.00%
    Male clients of SWs330 000750 0002.00%5.00%
    Prisoners130 000130 0003.50%12.0%
Populations at lower risk that are not included in PHR:
    Partners of IDU422 500552 5008.00%30.00%
    Female partners of MSM177 000430 0001.30%7.60%
    Partners of clients of SWs825 0001 875 0001.16%2.00%
  • IDUs, injecting drug users; MSM, men who have sex with men; SWs, sex workers; PHR, populations at higher risk.