Table 1 Demographic and behavioural characteristics of the enrolled homosexual male participants, by HIV serostatus
CharacteristicHIV-positive (n = 127)HIV-negative (n = 204)p Value
Age, median (IQR) years45 (37–49)42 (36–48)0.222
Education, undergraduate degree or more43.9%54.9%0.056
Age at first anal intercourse, median (IQR) yearsNA21 (18–26)NA
Number of lifetime sexual partners
Number of male sex partners during the preceding 6 months, median (IQR)8 (2–30)10 (4–26)0.669
Receptive anal intercourse during the preceding 6 months*69.9%66.3%0.505
New casual sexual partner in previous 6 months77.2%74.1%0.528
Condom use during the preceding 6 months, always27.6%22.3%0.279
Current smoker40.6%23.3%0.001
Injecting drug use, ever14.8%12.4%0.555
Anal symptoms during the preceding 12 months54.1%48.4%0.328
Anogenital sexually transmitted infection†25.4%13.0%0.006
Most recent (within 3 months) CD4 count ⩾350 cells ×106/l76.5%NA
HAART use during the preceding 6 months74.4%NA
  • *Any, whether protected or unprotected.

  • †Anal gonorrhoea, anal chlamydia or anal warts reported or diagnosed in the last 12 months.

  • HAART, highly active antiretroviral therapy; IQR, interquartile range; NA, not available.