Table 1 Studies providing estimates of male same-sex sexual behaviour, 2003–7*
MSM prevalence, lifetime No of studies (range of results) (%)Sex with a man, last year No of studies (range of results) (%)References
Africa2 (1–4)ND43, 44
    East-South2 (1–4)ND
Asia7 (4–34)1 (7)21, 45–50
    East2 (4–19)ND
    South5 (8–34)†1 (7)
Eastern Europe and Central Asia1 (3)ND51
Latin America4 (3–15)2 (1–14)‡52–55
Middle East and North AfricaNDND
Total14 (1–34)3 (1–14)
  • ND, no data.

  • *Some studies used men attending STI clinics as the study sample.

  • †The higher end of this range is from two studies—one in India where 23% of the study population had sold sex; the other one among truck drivers in Bangladesh.

  • ‡One paper shows data for male sex contact within last 6 months.