Table 1

Main characteristics of participants

VariablesNo of participants (%) or median (IQR)
Age, years26 (23–30)
Age at first MSM relationship, years19 (17–22)
Having a lucrative activity81 (57)
Having at least one child41 (29)
Matrimonial status
 Single120 (84)
 Married18 (13)
 Divorced4 (3)
Educational level
 Primary school11 (8)
 Secondary school89 (63)
 University41 (29)
Not in Douala for at least 4 weeks during previous year41 (29)
Sexual orientation disclosed to at least one relative or friend66 (47)
Knowing a HIV-infected individual72 (51)
Exposed to HIV prevention interventions81 (57)
Knowledge of his own HIV status
 No64 (45)
 Yes66 (47)
 No answer12 (8)
No of male partners in previous 6 months
 One50 (35)
 Between 2 and 463 (44)
 Five or more29 (21)
Frequency of sexual intercourse in previous 6 months
 Less than once a month18 (13)
 At least once a month or irregularly but with intense periods63 (44)
 At least once a week61 (43)
No stable male partner at any point during one's life8 (6)
At least one female partner in previous 6 months69 (49)
UAI with male partner(s) in previous 6 months80 (57)
  • IQR, interquartile range; MSM, men who have sex with men; UAI, unprotected anal intercourse.