Table 4

Curve estimations by cubic equations for the percentage of CS

Independent variablesR2F statisticp ValuesConstantb1b2b3
TRUST titre0.9523.040.006−2.651.42−0.020.00*
Gestational month at treatment0.9878.16<0.001−3.134.83−1.410.12
Gestational week×log (1/T)0.9964.320.003−5.611.20−0.050.00*
  • Log (1/T), the log of the reciprocal the TRUST titre in the mother; R2, coefficient of determination of the model; b1 is the coefficient estimate for independent variable x, b2 for x2, and b3 for x3.

  • * The value is less than 0.001.

  • The interaction between gestational week at treatment for maternal syphilis and log (1/T).

  • TRUST, toluidine red unheated serum test.