Table 2 HandiLab-C and positivity rate of nucleic acid amplification tests versus organism load
MethodsOrganism load distribution of the nucleic acid amplification test positive samples (bacteria per swab, n = 39)
102 to 103103 to 104104 to 105105 to 106106 to 107107 to 108Total (%)
Abbott m20007/77/79/98/86/62/2100
  • *One sample with an organism load of 256 bacteria per swab tested negative by Amplicor but yielded a positive result by Abbott. Each standard curve was consistently generated with eight serial tenfold dilutions of the pCTL12A12 plasmid (10 to 108 per 200 μl) using the decision circle number provided by the Abbott m2000rt instrument. The reproducibility of the quantitative polymerase chain reaction standard curves was performed in duplicate (r2 = 0.998).