Table 3 Factors associated with detection of any STI* among 893 persons attending HIV care at the National Infectious Disease Institute, Nonthaburi, Thailand, 2005–2006
FactorSTI detection
n/N (%)Unadjusted OR (95% CI)Adjusted OR† (95% CI)
    ⩾25 years74/860 (8.6)1NA
    <25 years4/33 (12.1)1.5 (0.5 to 4.3)NA
    p ValueNA0.5NA
    Male42/394 (10.7)1.5 (1.0 to 2.4)1.5 (0.9 to 2.4)
    Female36/499 (7.2)11
    p ValueNA0.080.1
Sex in last 3 months
    Yes43/546 (7.9)1NA
    No35/347 (10.1)1.3 (0.8 to 2.1)NA
    p ValueNA0.3NA
Partner type
    Steady heterosexual partner only18/292 (6.2)1NA
    Casual, commercial or MSM20/172 (11.6)1.5 (0.7 to 3.3)NA
    p ValueNA0.3NA
Unprotected last sex steady partner
    Yes18/248 (7.3)1NA
    No6/81 (7.4)1.0 (0.4 to 2.7)NA
    p ValueNA1NA
Current ARV treatment
    Yes38/531 (7.2)0.6 (0.4 to 0.96)0.7 (0.4 to 1.1)
    No34/295 (11.5)11
    p ValueNA0.030.1
CD4 cell count
    ⩾200 cell/mm338/481 (7.9)1NA
    <200 cell/mm330/314 (9.6)1.2 (0.7 to 2.0)NA
    p ValueNA0.4NA
  • *STI defined as clinician-confirmed genital ulcer or positive test results for chlamydial infection, gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis or syphilis; †adjusted for the one other factor in model. Age was dichotomised above and below the median value. Numbers may vary due to missing data. The multivariate model included 826 people. ARV, antiretroviral; MSM, men who had sex with men; NA, not applicable/not available; STI, sexually transmitted infection.