Table 2

Identification of the 189 isolates recovered either by contact impression or the swab method and distribution of the total yeasts recovered by each of the sampling methods used (impression and swab)

Yeast speciesTotal n=189 (%)Impression n=171Swab n=82
Candida spp
Candida albicans64 (33.9)6039
Candida parapsilosis41 (21.7)3617
Candida guilliermondii24 (12.7)224
Candida utilis6 (3.2)42
Candida glabrata4 (2.1)44
Candida tropicalis3 (1.6)31
Candida pelliculosa2 (1.1)21
Candida famata1 (0.5)10
Candida lusitanea1 (0.5)10
Candida krusei1 (0.5)10
Candida rugosa1 (0.5)10
Non-candida yeasts
Rhodotorula mucilaginosa33 (17.5)2811
Rhodotorula glutinis2 (1.1)11
Trichosporon inkin3 (1.6)41
Trichosporon asahii2 (1.1)21
Trichosporon beigelii1 (0.5)10