Table 1

Univariate analysis of sexual behavioural risk factors with casual partners in last 6 months for pharyngeal N gonorrhoeae infection in the HIV-negative HIM cohort among men who reported casual partner(s)

Person-yearsn*Incidence (per 100 PY)HR95% CIp Value†
No of male sexual partnersp<0.001
 2–5944.3282.970.900.22 to 3.65
 6–10669.0487.182.180.52 to 9.09
 11–501095.2676.121.880.45 to 7.80
 >50318.8278.522.680.63 to 11.47
Dry kissing‡p=0.044
 Occasionally1336.7685.091.260.74 to 2.14
 Often1468.8946.401.610.95 to 2.73
Wet kissing‡p=0.008
 Occasionally1166.1625.322.551.10 to 5.91
 Often1833.31136.162.981.32 to 6.75
Receptive penile-oral sex without ejaculation§p=0.005
 Occasionally965.2474.874.261.03 to 17.61
 Often2151.11326.145.401.33 to 21.87
Receptive penile-oral sex with ejaculation§p=0.060
 Occasionally704.4527.381.501.07 to 2.10
 Often127.775.481.130.48 to 2.63
Insertive oro-anal sex¶p=0.004
 Occasionally1327.1765.731.300.91 to 1.85
 Often467.8398.341.871.24 to 2.83
  • Data are adjusted for repeated measures in same individuals. Other sexual practices in those reporting casual partners including number of female sexual partners, number of regular male partners, being paid for sex and paying for sex were not related to increased risk of pharyngeal N gonorrhoeae.

  • * n does not always equal 193 because of missing data.

  • p for trend.

  • Wet (dry) kissing refers to partners (not) inserting their tongue(s) into each other's mouth during kissing.

  • § Receptive penile-oral sex refers to a study participant taking a partner's penis into his mouth; with or without ejaculation refers to whether ejaculation occurred in the study participant's mouth.

  • Insertive oro-anal sex (‘rimming’) refers to a study participant applying his tongue onto, or inserting his tongue into, a partner's anus.