Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics, sexual behaviours, client traits and STI, Mexico-born FSW by migrant status, Tijuana, BC

CharacteristicsOverall sample (n  =  471)BC native (n  =  101) 21%Migrant to BC (n  =  370) 79%p Value
Individual traits
Age, years
Has spouse/common-law partner32.337.630.80.19
Has dependent children92.491.192.70.59
Educational attainment, years
Owns home17.815.818.40.56
Speaks any English32.946.529.2<0.01
Mean no of years worked as FSW (SD)4.87 (6.3)5.1 (5.9)4.8 (6.4)0.68
Current work situation
    Street worker42.357.438.1<0.01
    Dance host31.623.833.80.06
    Bar maid17.812.919.20.14
Registered with Tijuana MHS28.015.831.4<0.01
Ever use illegal drugs before/during sex34.347.030.8<0.01
Client traits
Mean no of regular male clients past month (SD)5.3 (10.6)5.8 (10.9)5.2 (10.5)0.63
Mean no of casual male clients past month (SD)15.4 (25.3)12.6 (15.7)16.2 (27.3)0.22
Male clients use drugs
Male clients inject drugs
Financial reliance on male clients
Has US clients77.583.276.00.12
Sexual behaviours
Number of condoms carried at baseline interview
Access to free condoms
Unprotected vaginal sex with regular or casual clients, past month97.710097.00.08
Unprotected anal sex with regular or casual clients, past month16.821.815.40.13
Unprotected oral sex with regular or casual clients, past month47.154.545.10.10
Unprotected vaginal sex with spouse/common law partner*73.765.876.30.20
Unprotected anal sex with spouse/common law partner*21.729.019.30.22
Unprotected oral sex with spouse/common law partner*51.355.350.00.57
Condom use during anal sex, past 6 months
    Often/always/do not have anal sex78.367.381.4<0.01
Condom use during oral sex, past 6 months
    Often/always/do not have oral sex52.246.553.80.20
Spouse/common law partner has other sexual partner*†47.350.046.40.74
Ever tested for HIV65.856.468.40.03
Tested HIV positive
Test positive for chlamydia
Test positive for gonorrhoea
Syphilis titre ⩾1 : 8
Tested positive for any of above STI
  • Comparisons were made between Baja California (BC) migrants and BC natives. Estimates may not add to 100% due to rounding. *Restricted to women with a spouse/common law partner. †During the duration of the relationship. FSW, female sex worker; MHS, municipal health service; STI, sexually transmitted infection.