Table 2

High- and low-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) type profiles in HPV-DNA-positive participants

Anogenital wart participants (n=108)Male urethritis syndrome participants (n=56)Voluntary counselling and testing/asymptomatic participants (n=50)All (n=214)
No of HPV+ participants108100.02748.23162.016677.6
No of LR HPV+108100.02281.52890.315895.2
No of HR HPV+7468.51348.12064.510764.5
No of LR HPV+ only3431.51451.91135.55935.5
No of HR HPV+ only00.0518.539.784.8
No of combined HR and LR HPV+7468.5829.61754.89959.6
Multiple HPV genotypes9588.01555.62580.713581.3
No of HPV type 6/1110496.3518.51135.512072.3
No of HPV type 16/183229.6622.2825.84627.7
No of HPV type 16/18 with another HR HPV type2523.426.9722.63420.4
No of HPV type 6/11 and/or 16/1810698.11140.71754.813480.7
  • Percentages calculated with respect to total HPV-positive participants.