Table 3 Univariate analysis of associations with HIV and STI testing since most recent GSE within previous month (N  =  446)
Tested (%)Not tested (%)p Value
    Less than university level42.557.5
    Some university level30.070.0
HIV serostatus0.039
    HIV negative31.568.5
    HIV positive45.254.8
Place of residence0.034
Previous contact with any men at GSE<0.001
    Had previously met any41.358.7
    Not previously met any25.574.5
Number of men at GSE*0.009
    More than four42.557.5
UAI with non-regular partners at GSE0.002
    No UAI29.970.1
    Insertive UAI only54.145.9
    Receptive UAI only51.448.6
    Both receptive and insertive UAI41.158.9
  • *Includes respondent.

  • GSE, group sex encounter; STI, sexually transmitted infection; UAI, unprotected anal intercourse.