Table 1

Profile of the sample (n = 398)

CharacteristicPercentage or mean (SD)
Sexual risk
 Had been diagnosed with an STI (past year)9.0%
 Type of STI (among those with an STI diagnosis)
  Syphilis (389 tested)6.3%
  Gonorrhoea (228 tested)5.3%
  Chlamydia (232 tested)0.4%
 Transmission risk behaviour (past 6 months)50.5%
 Age, years41.5 (8.4); range 20–68
  Black/African American10.8%
  High school degree/GED13.6%
  Some college/associates degree/technical degree34.7%
  College degree34.7%
  Graduate degree17.0%
 Annual income
  Less than US$20 00035.1%
  US$20 001–40 00021.6%
  US$40 001–60 00015.3%
  Greater than US$60 00028.0%
Past 3 months substance use
 Binge drinking (5 or more drinks in one sitting)19.3%
 Crystal methamphetamine use (any)22.9%
 Other drug use (any)56.8%
HIV disease status and treatment
 Years since HIV diagnosis8.6 (6.7); range 0.2–22.4
 CD4 cell count (cells/mm3)532.1 (299.3); range 14–1987
 Currently taking HIV medication66.1%
 Viral load (mean plasma HIV-RNA, copies/ml)14 777 (46 332); range 75–442 298
  • GED, General Educational Development; STI, sexually transmitted infection.