Table 3

Details of C trachomatis test results for the 13 discordant specimens

No of specimensLDQA screenCOBAS screenAdditional tests‘Resolved’ CT result
LDQA CT cryptic plasmidLDQA CT MOMPLDQA CT resultCOBAS CT TaqmanArtus CT Plus
Cryptic plasmidcryptic plasmid and MOMP
(# female)(CP range)(CP range)(CP range)
1 (0)>45CT DNA detectedInhibitory
2 (1)34–4236–39CT DNA detected33–36CT positive
1 (0)CT DNA detectedInhibitory
1 (1)43CT DNA detectedCT DNA detectedCT positive
1 (1)41CT DNA detectedInhibitory37CT positive
1 (0)3940CT DNA detectedCT DNA detectedCT positive
4 (1)36–40CT DNA detectedCT DNA detected34–37CT positive
2 (0)InhibitoryInhibitoryUnclear*
Total 13 (4)
  • Results for all other specimens were concordant. Resolved results were used in laboratory-developed quadruplex assay (LDQA) kappa analysis.

  • −, Negative; CP, real-time PCR crossing point; CT, C trachomatis.

  • Results for the remaining 79 CT resolved positives were concordant.

  • * Two samples were excluded from the CT kappa analysis due to repeatedly inhibitory results.