Table 1

Summary of the clinic quality-monitoring tool used to measure the quality against defined standards21

Question (Indicator)Main components of composite scaleMethodology
1. Are the services accepted and accessed? (Coverage)
  • Clinic service uptake

  • Clinic orientation to sex workers

  • Clinic orientation to provide STI services

  • Monthly check-ups—uptake

  • Presumptive treatment for STIs—uptake

Quantitative analysis of clinic and programme data (calculated in percentage)
2. Whether adequate clinical care, effective drugs and preventive support were given? (Quality of clinic and services)
  • Clinic staffing and training (five subcomponents)

  • Clinic set-up (five subcomponents)

  • Performance at clinic encounter (five subcomponents)

  • Performance on counselling (five subcomponents)

  • Performance on correct treatment (review of 10 randomly selected records from previous 3 months)

  • Infection control and waste management (five subcomponents)

  • Drug and condom supply (five subcomponents)

  • Ethical standards and confidentiality (five subcomponents)

  • Completeness of patient records (review of 10 randomly selected records from previous 3 months)

  • Clinic documentation and reporting (five subcomponents)

Provider interview, provider observation and review of records selected randomly
3. Is the clinic an entry point for prevention to care continuum? (Referral network)
  • Availability of referral directory

  • Documentation of referrals

  • Formal linkages with HIV testing

  • Formal linkage with other referrals

  • Periodic meeting with referral sites

Providers interview and record review
4. Are MSMs and SWs taking active role in managing and delivering the services? (Community involvement)
  • Drop-in centre utilisation

  • Involvement of community members in clinic activities

  • Involvement of community in STI follow-up in the field

  • Periodic meeting between clinic and outreach staff

  • Recommendations of meetings are acted upon

Staff interview and clinic observations
5. Are we providing adequate supportive supervision to the clinics? (Technical support)
  • Availability of designated supervisor

  • Frequency of clinic visit by supervisor

  • Overall clinic load per supervisor

  • Use of supervisory tool

  • Joint action plan implementation

Review of scale-up information, field observations, interviews and consensus score