Table 2

Score for five quality indicators measured on a scale of 0–5 using a clinic quality monitoring tool from 292 clinics between April 2005 and October 2008

April 2005–June 2005July 2005–September 2005April 2006–June 2006October 2006–December 2006January 2007–March 2007April 2007–June 2007July 2007–September 2007October 2007–December 2007January 2008–March 2008April 2008–June 2008October 2008–December 2008
Total no of clinics106190304300394395342333361372372
Clinics visited2031283345243223172514
1. Coverage0.482.102.672.973.303.243.393.353.463.483.24
2. Quality of clinic and services1.572.883.923.803.773.694.154.424.444.494.27
3. Referral network1.002.713.
4. Community involvement1.572.863.
5. Technical support1.432.432.713.003.072.933.673.753.854.124.14