Table 1

Number of individuals tested, and testing positive, for anti-HIV antibody, by service type

Service typeNumber of individuals tested% Of all testing taking place in this service typeNumber of individuals testing positive (% positive)Number of individuals testing positive who could be matched to national surveillance reportNumber of new diagnoses, among those matched to national surveillance (% new diagnoses among individuals tested in this service)
Primary care
Antenatal screening*1579538.537 (0.2)3620 (0.1)
Accident and Emergency340.10(0.0)
General practice15683.822 (1.4)2217 (1.1)
GUM clinics1576438.4173 (1.1)15188 (0.6)
Occupational health12423.00(0.0)
Prison services2250.51 (0.4)11 (0.4)
Specialist drug services4221.02 (0.5)22 (0.5)
Secondary care
General medical and surgical departments1640.412 (7.3)129 (5.5)
Infectious disease services1180.337 (31.4)3618 (15.2)
Fertility treatment centres30917.52 (0.1)21 (0.0)
Obstetrics and gynaecology services380.10(0.0)
Paediatric services1500.41 (0.7)0
Renal units12032.90(0.0)
Other hospital services11912.925 (2.1)2417 (1.4)
Unknown hospital services80.00(0.0)
Total, all service types41013100.0312 (0.8)286173 (0.4)
  • N.B. In this table 'Antenatal screening' refers both to individuals tested in antenatal clinics and those tested as part of antenatal care in other services, as identified by clinical details accompanying the test request.

  • * Includes 22 men and 19 individuals of unknown sex tested in antenatal services, none of whom tested positive: this may reflect partner follow-up or errors in data entry at the source laboratory.

  • Includes all hospital services not otherwise specified above: these can be broken down further into individual specialties but are grouped here in the interests of brevity.

  • These are hospital services for which specific service type could not be identified, and may include any of the secondary care services listed above.