Table 2

How patients found out about the clinic, by gender and whether of South Asian ethnicity

South Asian (%)Other ethnicities (%)p ValueSouth Asian (%)Other ethnicities (%)p Value
‘How did you find out about this clinic?’*
‘I found it in the phone book’
‘I found it on the internet’6.910.20.0106.36.00.909
‘My GP or the nurse at the GP surgery told me about it’38.928.70.08933.732.10.797
‘I heard about it at the family planning Clinic’
‘I saw an advert in a newspaper or magazine’
‘I picked up a leaflet’
‘My partner told me about it’
‘A friend told me about it’16.822.40.04716.824.40.019
‘Told about it by a family member’
  • * Response options listed in the order they were presented in the patient questionnaire.