Table 3

Reasons for going to the GUM clinic by gender and whether of South Asian ethnicity

South Asian (%)Other ethnicities (%)p ValueSouth Asian (%)Other ethnicities (%)p Value
‘Why did you come to the clinic?’*
‘I have (or had) symptoms (eg, itching, discharge)’46.351.00.33261.351.60.160
‘My partner had (or had) symptoms’
‘My partner has been diagnosed as having an infection and I needed to come to the clinic’
‘I was contacted by a clinic/health advisor’
‘I did not have symptoms but wanted a check-up’31.535.20.31831.238.80.164
‘I wanted a HIV test’23.414.80.00515.612.30.412
‘GP advised me or told me to go’
Hospital referral0.90.30.3721.30.30.281
(Emergency) contraception/pregnancy testsNANANA2.62.10.758
  • * Percentages sum to more than 100% as patients could report multiple reasons.

  • Response options listed in the order they were presented in the questionnaire.