Table 1 Distribution of marital status at baseline (1998/2000) and in follow-up survey (2001/2003)
n% of total% of ever had sexn% of total% of ever had sex
    Presently widowed44113111
    Presently divorced135347123
    Presently separated36113311
    Presently in union1734414915334760
    Never married, ever had sex160238458742734
    Never married, never had sex7101770522
    Total, ever had sex355183254278
    Presently widowed41089420911
    Presently divorced42481029068
    Presently separated1944413934
    Presently in union2968566826155471
    Never married, ever had sex3436822156
    Never married, never had sex98018111423
    Total, ever had sex433982368577