Table 2

Total costs by input, outputs and average costs of the Avahan programme for the first 2 years of activity (2004/2005 and 2005/2006), US$ 2006 prices

Total costs (NGO and LP levels) by inputFinancial (US$)Economic (US$)Percentage of total economic cost
Capital costs
Furniture and fixtures897311371150.8
Training (start-up)33821409290.2
Insurance and deposits28652355210.2
Start up6263517280654.3
Recurrent costs
Building operating and maintenance9525679499775.7
STI supplies134225113433318.0
Information education communication8676588723005.2
Training recurrent128378612905857.7
Condom supplies1201326277553.7
Indirect expenses5604675644563.4
Total costs by organisational levelUS$Percentage of total
NGO level803099128.0
Lead implementing partner level872819830.4
Avahan Delhi office costs*394495913.7
Capacity building partner costs*900645631.3
All level costs*28730771
Outputs of the programme
Total number of people registered†134391
Total number of people receiving STI services124669
Average costsMeanMedianRange
Total cost per NGO at the NGO level (US$)15364612819220287 to 532112
People registered at the NGO level†1908193037 to 6315
Cost per person registered (US$)†1667618 to 650
People receiving STI services at the NGO level‡195519507 to 8004
Cost per person receiving STI services (US$)‡13411737 to 411
Sensitivity analysis (discount rate=3%)
Total economic cost US$16605094
Total cost per NGO at the NGO level (US$)15365012426920008 to 541692
Cost per person registered (US$)†1637518 to 616
Cost per person receiving STI services (US$)‡7911222 to 411
  • * Financial costs only.

  • No of non-governmental organisations (NGOs)=93.

  • No of NGOs=96.