Table 3

Total cost by activity at the state level (non-governmental organisation and lead implementing partner costs), 2004/2005 and 2005/2006, US$ 2006 prices

Financial cost (US$)Economic cost (10%) (US$)Percentage of total economic cost
Capacity building148492015582159.3
Behaviour-change communication*2693357255203315.2
STI services4766458453440627.1
Condom promotion†1045264185633511.1
Community mobilisation‡93897510032546.0
Planning and coordination127079010974316.5
Start-up activities§8177127861204.7
Enabling environment¶132814114985848.9
Grand total1577935616759189100.0
  • * Behaviour-change communication includes outreach activities including peer educator remuneration.

  • Condom promotion includes establishment of condom outlets, condom campaigns, condom demonstrations, condom supplies and lubricants.

  • Community mobilisation includes all drop in centre activities, special events, self-help group formation and welfare activities for the key population.

  • § Start-up activities includes recruitment, training, mapping, office set-up and all expenses until the start of implementation.

  • Enabling environment includes advocacy, sensitisation of stakeholders, crisis management and creation of mass awareness.