Table 2

Predictors of adherence with testing for higher risk MSM*, April 2006 to June 2008, GP clinics

n%OR95% CIp ValueAOR95% CIp Value
Age group (y)<302111
30-3939161.5(0.8 to 2.6)0.190
40+2290.7(0.4 to 1.4)0.341
Victorian area of residenceNon-metro15
Metro68122.7(0.4 to 20.1)0.345
Country of birthAustralia5410
Other28192.0(1.2 to 3.3)0.0072.0(1.2 to 3.4)0.012
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait IslanderNo7912
Yes1110.9(0.1 to 7.4)0.936
History of injecting drug use, everNo7312
Yes6171.5(0.6 to 3.8)0.373
History of past HIV test in last 12 months (self-report)Yes227
No56193.2(1.9 to 5.4)<0.0013.3(1.9 to 5.5)<0.001
Male sexual partners in the last 6 months<11348
≥1148203.0(1.9 to 4.8)<0.0013.1(1.9 to 5.2)<0.001
HIV status of current regular partnerNeg/unk2710
Positive380.8(0.2 to 2.7)0.706
Condom use when having anal sex with regular partner/s in the last 6 monthsAlways169
Inconsistent30151.9(1.0 to 3.6)0.051
Condom use when having anal sex with casual partner/s in the last 6 monthsAlways4011
Inconsistent40161.5(1.0 to 2.5)0.072
Meeting sexual partner/s at SOPVs in the last 6 monthsNo2810
Yes54141.4(0.9 to 2.3)0.142
Meeting partner/s on the internet in the last 6 monthsNo3210
Yes50141.4(0.9 to 2.3)0.128
Meeting sexual partner/s at dance parties in the last 6 monthsNo4410
Yes38161.7(1.0 to 2.6)0.033
Meeting sexual partner/s via social networks in the last 6 monthsNo5812
Yes24131.1(0.7 to 1.9)0.629
Meeting sexual partner/s at pubs/bars in the last 6 monthsNo5711
Yes25161.6(0.93 to 2.57)0.093
Meeting sexual partner/s at beats§ in the last 6 monthsNo6511
Yes17161.5(0.81 to 2.58)0.208
  • * Recommendation 2: men who have 11 or more partners or attending sex-on-premises-venues (SOPVs) or unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) with casual partners or seeking partners via the internet.

  • Includes partners who have not had a HIV test.

  • Inconsistent includes never, sometimes and usually.

  • § In Australia, the term beat is used to refer to an area frequented by gay men and non-gay-identifying MSM who are cruising for casual sex and where sexual acts occur. Most commonly, public toilets, parks and nightclubs are used as beats.

  • metro, metropolitan; MSM, men who have sex with men; neg, negative; unk, unknown.