Table 1

Parameter estimates for random-intercept Poisson regression models of the percentage of double orphans among children aged 0–17 using Demographic and Health Survey data from countries in mainland sub-Saharan Africa with generalised HIV epidemics.

ln (percentage of children who are expected double orphans)0.75390.0283
Children's age−0.021080.0131
ln (HIV prevalence in year t−1)−0.1506−0.0540
Children's age×ln (HIV prevalence in year t−1)0.0072250.0050
ln (HIV prevalence in year t−12)0.098870.0113
Intercountry variance of the intercept0.01960.0059
Intersurvey variance of the intercept0.00000.0000
Extra-Poisson variation1.77010.2071