Table 3

HIV/STI prevalence among high-risk men who have sex with men (HR-MSM) in round 1 integrated biological and behavioural assessment and HR-MSM size estimates versus HIV prevalence among urban ANC women

ANC HIV prevalence*HIVSyphilisGonorrhoeaChlamydiaAny STIHSV-2HR-MSM population size estimatePercentage of HR-MSM in male population†Percentage HIV+ HR-MSM in male population
Andhra Pradesh
 East Godavari2.2522.
 Bangalore Urban1.4418.911.10.93.412.034.254610.290.06
Tamil Nadu
  • * Mean of yearly prevalence from 2004 to 2007.

  • (HR-MSM estimate/urban male 15–49)×100, Census 2001.

  • ANC prevalence (mean of rural+urban).

  • § (HR-MSM estimate/rural+urban male 15–49)×100, Census 2001 (CORRIDOR district).

  • The ANC prevalence is weighted by the total population for the 15–49 age group in Mumbai and Thane (Census 2001).