Table 4

Univariate linear regression with HIV prevalence in the ANC population as the dependent variable

Independent variablesBetap Value
 Any STIs0.009530.5228
 Avahan FSW size estimate−0.000006820.7635
 Percentage of FSW in female population−0.087350.6523
 Percentage HIV+ FSW in female population2.08040.0673
Clients of FSW
 Any STIs0.097780.4153
 Mean no of clients last week*0.108690.0362
 Total no of visits to FSW last week0.000000940.6715
 Percentage of clients in male population last week0.007290.6751
 Any STIs−0.048720.3225
 Avahan HR-MSM size estimate−0.000024660.6332
 Percentage of HR-MSM in male population0.677630.6212
 Percentage HIV+ HR-MSM in male population4.18650.5719
  • * As reported by female sex workers (FSWs).

  • HSV-2, herpes simplex type 2.