Table 2

Univariate and multivariate analyses of programme exposure and intermediate causal characteristics among FSW at follow-up compared with baseline

Programme exposureBaseline % (n=2312)Follow-up % (n=2400)Crude OR (95% CI)Adjusted OR (95% CI)p Value (Wald test) adjusted OR
Ever visited by a peer educator82.895.34.25 (2.81 to 6.43)4.35 (3.14 to 6.01)<0.001
Ever visited the drop-in centre32.276.66.88 (4.79 to 9.87)8.72 (7.01 to 10.84)<0.001
Ever visited the project sexual health clinic68.485.12.63 (2.00 to 3.45)2.77 (2.14 to 3.59)<0.001
Ever received ‘grey pack’58.463.61.24 (1.00 to 1.55)1.28 (0.98 to 1.67)0.07
Ever witnessed a condom demonstration73.389.02.93 (1.87 to 4.58)2.97 (2.14 to 4.13)<0.001
Condom breakage in the past month17.014.10.80 (0.58 to 1.11)0.75 (0.60 to 0.92)0.007
  • Multivariate models were adjusted for the following variables: district, age, marital status, residency status, usual place of solicitation, age started sex work, charge per sex act, weekly sex work income, proportion of clients who were new and proportion of female sex workers (FSW) with regular partners.