Table 2

Cost per attendance at different healthcare settings (UK£ 2008/9) for 35 women diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) during the study period based on questionnaires and review of medical records

Source of costsGeneral practice (SD)Genitourinary medicine clinic* (SD)Hospital outpatient (SD)Hospital inpatient (SD)Other§ (SD)
Average cost per first attendance at the setting41 (15)139 (NA)110 (21)89 (31)786 (NA)53 (24)
Average cost per all attendances35 (16)116 (29)79 (46)87 (29)786 (NA)42 (8)
  • * Genitourinary medicine clinic costs are estimated two ways: either using the national tariff (first visit is £139, follow-up £82) or by estimating the time, drugs, consumables and test costs.

  • Includes both accident and emergency and outpatient gynaecology estimates, which are tariff based.

  • Inpatient stay of 3 days for late miscarriage and PID.

  • § Other: walk-in and primary care centre.