Table 3

Prevalence of sexual behaviours and drug use: men and women by region of origin

A8* n=939A2 n=329p ValueA8 n=1097A2 n=264p Value
Heterosexual practices
Vaginal intercourse in past month61.2%53.4%0.05770.1%76.0%0.374
Oral-genital contact in the past year69.0%60.6%0.00861.6%44.6%<0.001
Anal sex in the past year30.6%23.5%0.01822.9%13.3%0.001
Condom used on all occasions, past 4 weeks** and:n=224n=76n=135n=18
 One partner past year31.6%29.6%0.91324.9%30.1%0.197
 Two or more partners past year34.8%55.3%0.00234.1%33.3%0.950
Risk perception
More at risk of HIV in UK than home countryn=767n=271n=884n=225
Sexual partnerships
Number of heterosexual partners past year: mean (SD)2.36 (3.7)3.29 (8.5)0.0641.42 (3.8)1.07 (1.0)0.010
Ever had homosexual partners5.0%2.8%0.0916.1%1.9%0.007
Concurrent partnerships, past year§23.4%32.2%0.0198.9%3.3%0.010
Ever paid for sex28.5%44.1%<0.001NANANA
Where paid for sex (n=382)0.911NA
 Home country35.0%38.2%NANA
 Both in UK and home country17.1%15.4%NANA
Drug use
Ever injected non-prescribed drugs6.6%1.2%<0.0012.5%0.0%NA
Injected non-prescribed drugs in past year2.4%0.0%NA1.3%0.0%NA
Recreational drug use in past year (excluding intravenous drugs)37.3%14.2%<0.00113.3%5.0%<0.001
Sexual health
Ever had HIV test31.0%37.5%0.03232.4%34.9%0.450
Ever diagnosed with an STI (excludes candidiasis)n=798n=277n=988n=236
Registered with a general practitioner45.1%35.1%0.00267.5%58.6%0.006
  • * A8 refers to Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

  • A2 refers to Bulgaria and Romania.

  • Comparing A8 with A2.

  • § Among those who had vaginal or anal sex in the past year.

  • May also include men who have paid for sex elsewhere in addition to UK or home country.

  • ** Restricted to those reporting sex in past 4 weeks, refers to anal or vaginal sex.