Table 3

Background characteristics and sexual risk behaviour among SALLEE respondents, by gender and sample

Clinic n=204Community n=1173p ValueClinic n=95Community n=1103p Value
Background characteristics
 Age in years, mean (SD)26.6 (4.6)28.5 (8.5)<0.00127.8 (4.9)29.8 (8.7)<0.001
 Whether working16178.975564.8<0.0017983.289281.20.645
 Whether has a degree11154.440834.8<0.0014750.026023.6<0.001
 Married or cohabiting8541.770060.2<0.0013233.748944.70.037
 More than 1 year in UK18492.583772.8<0.0018387.472768.2<0.001
 Born in an A2 country3416.826022.30.0822223.232529.60.183
No of partners
 1+ New heterosexual partners (past year)12365.428927.7<0.0012931.543644.40.017
 1+ New homosexual AI partners (past year)4245.280.7<0.001
 1+ New sexual partners (past year)*12767.929428.3<0.0016875.644245.1<0.001
Heterosexual practices and partnerships
 Consistent heterosexual condom use (4 weeks)4428.421229.90.716513.522038.70.002
 Ever paid for sex with woman1724.334235.20.063
 Most recent heterosexual partner from<0.001<0.001
 Home country5125.978774.23956.573976.3
 Other country7437.612511.81927.510310.6
Homosexual practices and partnerships
 1+ Homosexual partners (past 5 years)2411.8393.4<0.0015154.3201.8<0.001
 Homosexual AI in past 4 weeks3234.070.6<0.001
 Ever paid for sex with a man§713.5312.00.858
 Most recent male homosexual partner from<0.001
 Home country59.61458.3
 Other country2446.228.3
STI, sex work and drug use
 Ever had STI (excl HIV and thrush)8041.211811.4<0.0013538.0828.8<0.001
 Been paid for sex in UK157.760.5<0.00188.5151.4<0.001
 Recreational drug use (past year)6331.212410.8<0.0014143.631128.70.003
 Ever injected drugs52.5262.20.84144.3575.30.672
 Injected drugs (past year)21.0121.00.94933.2222.00.455
  • * Excluding men who did not have AI with their male sexual partners and including women who had sex with women.

  • Among men and women who have had heterosexual sex in the past 4 weeks.

  • Among men who have had sex with a woman.

  • § Among men who have had sex with a man.

  • AI, anal intercourse; SALLEE, Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles of London's East Europeans; STI, sexually transmitted infection.